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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Jelly Roll Part Two - at last

I've been stock taking for most of the day - Year end coming up.
However, after that I decided I deserved some sewing time.
Having taught a Jelly Roll class yesterday with two students making the Star-Crossed Quilt and the other student making the Basketweave Quilt, I thought it was about time I got my own sample of the Basketweave Quilt finished off.

From one single Jelly Roll, I used half (20) the strips to make the Star-Crossed Quilt and have just used up the remaining 20 to make this one. I used the same co-ordinating fabrics in both quilts so they could go on two single beds in the same room (if we only had a spare room with two single beds in it!)
Of course, you can see I haven't got around to attaching the borders yet, but that's for another day.

If you haven't seen the other Jelly Roll Quilt in the gallery then here's a reminder of what it looks like: