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Monday, 19 November 2012

Paths That Cross

Managed to do some work on blocks for the Paths That Cross quilt.
So far we've had two lessons for planning and making templates and one lesson making the Doris's Delight block.Component parts for the block are:Chevron Patches - made using Freezer Paper templates, following my usual technique of making things larger than required and then trimming them down to size. 
Here are the fabrics with their templates attached....

.... and here are the untrimmed and trimmed patches.

Square in a Square - a 3" square in the centre; two 3" squares cut into triangles to surround it. 
 As usual - make it large, then trim it down.

Half-Square Triangles - Green square and pink square face to face. Sew 1/4" each side of the diagonal. 
 Cut down the middle, press open and trim to size.
 Now I have all the component pieces....
....just need to put them together. One down - seven to go!!

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