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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Quilting in the Winter

In the summer I like to work on hand-piecing projects and applique, while I'm sitting on sofa in the evenings, with one eye on the telly. But now it's cold and dark, I've got back to doing some hand quilting. In a recent clear out I discovered a half-finished Quillow that I started about 10 years ago. So that is my current 'evening project'.

The brown squares are all quilted using a circular heart pattern quilting stencil; the coloured squares are all done with random wavy lines. The marking is all done using my new Frixion Pen, which will disappear when I hover the hot iron over it.
It's all  bit hard work because I had used a fairly thick polyester wadding. Not what I normally use in quilts these days, although I do find Quillows are better with a thicker wadding,

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