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Friday, 5 February 2010

Sunny Sussex Countryside

No workshops on today, so after a bit of office work this morning we took a trip out to our local farm shop, Townings Farm, for 'supplies'. Alistair stocked up on flour from Plumpton Mill, since he's now got into a routine of baking bread or rolls once a week. The grain is grown at Plumpton Agricultural College on the South Downs and is then ground at the restored watermill in Plumpton before being sold through local village and farm shops.

We stopped to take some photos of our future 'dinners' on the way back.
I think this is an Aberdeen Angus-Longhorn cross (I'm sure Carole will correct me if I'm wrong!)

The dark sheep are the Hebrideans, with a few
(white) South Downs in amongst them.

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